The Church which is suspected to be performing strange rituals including followers dancing while naked is located in Uthiru, The Nairobian Tabloid reports.

It is reported that investigating if the church has been allowing members to chew each other in broad daylight.

“The lead pastor teaches that no one is owned by anyone and, therefore, you can sleep with anyone in the church. They have no problem with lesbians or gays.

One of the followers told the Newspaper, “This church should not only be closed but the followers hauled into court and charged,” said the source.

Reportedly some members of the public around the building where the church is located alerted police after they realized what happens there seemed unusual.

It is said that majority of the followers are half naked youths and after a while, this aroused curiosity among the neihgbours.

It is alleged that the lead pastor promotes the ideology that Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden were naked.

According to the tabloid, the Uthiru cult is suspected of having branches in Ruiru, Molo and Ongata Rongai where members engage in sex parties during their meetings.


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