A male teacher in Nairobi’s prestigious school who was accused of sharing pornographic pictures has won a court case.

The court in its ruling found that the teacher who was sacked immediately was guilty of circulating obscene images the process of firing him from the job was unfair.

For this reason, he was awarded the teacher Sh110, 000 being an amount equivalent to his salary for two months as compensation for wrongful termination.

The art teacher had been hired on June 10, 2019, and worked until March 18, 2021, when his contract was terminated for sharing nude pictures to some seniors through email.

The court ruled, “The images circulated were, to say the least startling. The court shudders at the thought of such materials finding their way to the young learners within the institution,”

The judge noted that it is shocking that a teacher would find it appropriate to engage in the circulation of such materials, particularly in an institution of learning.

“Such conduct cannot be countenanced by any right-thinking member of society including the court. Yet, in deciding the fate of the petitioner, the respondent was bound to hear him out fairly,” he added.

The judge said though the school had a valid reason to terminate the teacher’s contract of employment, the school failed to convince the court that it upheld the requirements of due process in terminating his job.


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