Barely three months after the 47 County Governors took the oath of office, Kenyans are beginning to notice their true colors.

Forget about Meru Governor who is being accused of hiring relatives and husband in the public office.

Another governor could soon be exposed following his philandering ways that has raised concerns among his family, friends and party leaders.

According to the grapevine, the first time Governor is wallowing in sex and alcohol which is said to be robbing him his focus and energy.

“The Governor is not doing justice to himself, of late he is lost in alcohol, sometimes he drinks from evening to early morning hours,” a concerned office whispered.

“I don’t blame him, he could be distressed or excited, we also know that chewing a young lady in the County office,” our bird added.

Well, there is a Swahili saying that lisemwalo lipo, it is now a matter of time before chicken come home to roost for the County boss


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