Dedan Kimathi University of Technology has embarked on teaching Taekwondo to its students pursuing degree in Criminology and Security Management to mould character and discipline in them.

It has a pact with Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters based in South Korea to undertake training and establish the university’s Taekwondo Centre to serve the whole Africa.

Taekwondo trainers

“In February 2018 Dekut entered into an agreement with Kukkiwon. One of the developments resulting from the MoU is establishment of Dekut Taekwondo Training Centre (DeTaTCe) housed in the department of criminology and security management” the varsity management says.

The varsity Vice Chancellor Prof Ndirangu Kioni says they are the only university on the continent integrating taekwondo in academic training. He says they aim to introduce the art to wider scope of people as a way of instilling valuable tenets in people so to create culture of discipline and team work.

“Dedan Kimathi University of Technology is the only institution in Africa offering degree courses incorporating taekwondo, therefore leveraging with the rest of the world. Students pursuing degree in Criminology and Security Management will be required to undergo some training in taekwondo so as to acquire skills relevant for unarmed combats” prof Ndirangu Kioni says.

VC Prof Ndirangu Kioni

The university management consulted Korea National Police University and identified taekwondo as the most effective martial art to enshrine discipline, character and empowerment of individuals to be self-confident.

The big chunk of students who will benefit with the martial art course are police. In 2015 Kimathi University signed MoU with National Police Service to train police officers.

“On operationalisation of MoU with police several training needs were highlighted one of them being the need to enhance the use of Unarmed Combat Skills by police officers in Kenya” the varsity says.


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