If you will be in Naivasha this weekend for World Rally Championships, then you need to have an extra packet on condoms

A section of condom distributors has warned of a shortage of free condoms that are usually procured and distributed by the government.

This has now forced some NGO’s to buy condoms that will be distributed for free to save youths from unprotected sex.

“We have 10,000 condoms only that were bought by our partners because at the moment there is no free condoms that are usually given out for free by government,” King’s Condom’s Promotion CEO Stanley Ngara told the Media

Ngara however said, together with his team, they are in Naivasha to sensitise the youths about the dangers of unsafe sex during such events.

“We are approaching young girls to educate and distribute to them the available condoms in collaboration of AHF Kenya who bought the protective gears”, explained Ngara.

He added: “If the demand will be high, we will be forced to increase the number of protective gears for Saturday and the climax of the event on Sunday,” he added

Unlike free condoms that are usually provided by the government Ngara said the ones they are distributing are of good quality and one packet goes for only Sh50.

He attributed the shortage of condoms to the high taxes imposed by the government but expressed concern that if the issue is not addressed there would be increased cases of HIV, teen pregnancies and an uncontrolled population.

“The government has been procuring the condoms on its own, while some NGOs procure on their own to supplement what is available because the demand is so high,” Ngara noted

Ngara has been supplying free sheaths to men and commercial sex workers in the country for more than 20 years. He says the situation needs urgent discussion.


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