The Body of 21-year-odl woman who died in Saudi Arabia has arrived in the country with missing eyes and head injuries.

Beatrice  Waruguru left the country to work as house help in Saudi Arabia in February 2021 but died over alleged mistreatment and torture less than five months later.

Waruguru’s remains arrived on Wednesday but her family was informed of her death last year.

The family has now said some marks on Waruguru’s body portray the pain she suffered at the hands of her employers.

“The head is disfigured with eyes seeming to have been gouged out. Her neck has a deep cuts and stitches. Maybe they slit her throat,” Waruguru’s mother explained

“Some flesh behind her legs is missing maybe because she died long time ago and some body parts were interfered with,” the mother added

The mother said her late daughter’s body was black in colour and it was not easy to identify her were it not for a tattoo on her hand.

“It is very painful for any parent and I appeal to those willing to come and view the body and see how our children are suffering in Saudi Arabia yet the government is silent,” she said. “I wish President Uhuru could have time to see this.”

A postmortem report from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia says that Waruguru died by suicide in May last year.

Another relative said Waruguru had been calling her claiming she was being tortured until she went offline for several months.

On Saturday, May 7, the family was informed that their daughter’s body had been processed for transportation from Saudi Arabia and was set to arrive in the country on May 11 at 1:30pm.


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