A city security guard has been lauded for playing crucial role in attempted robbery that ended with killing of thug within Industrial area, Nairobi.

Police stated that the thugs had gained access to engineering company at Mukuru kwa Reuben on but were spotted by security guard.

The two robbers had climbed the wall of the company while armed with crude weapons forcing the guard to warn them in vain.

“A struggle between the three ensued between the security guard and the two robbers and at some point one of the robbers attempted to stab the watchman but the knife caught his counterpart” police stated.

The robber died on the spot forcing his accomplice to run away leaving behind bloodstained knife which will be used by detectives to trace the other robber on the run.

The guard was later rushed to nearby health facility to receive treatment for minor injuries he sustained during the scuffle.

“The security guard enters into our roll of honour as a fearless protector of life and property” Directorate of Criminal Investigations praised the guard

Adding that “his bravery and will be celebrating this Christmas with him & his family, to encourage him and other guards to continue doing good.”


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