Kenya has about 380,000 registered sex workers, and that is why politicians are now salivating for them.

Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) leader Fellister Abdalla revealed inn an interview with popular tabloid The Nairobian.

The Alliance leader however said some promises are not fulfilled and that politicians are not using the right channels to reach the sex workers.

“If it really happens, it is of beneficial to us, but in most of cases, politicians make roadside declarations without engaging us through existing structures and what they want to do,” Fellister was quoted

At the same time she claimed that all the 380,000 sex worker have identity cards and registered as voters thus they are now being hunted ahead of 2022.

“We have many numbers and they know that. The only problem is that they are not using the right channels; they should meet us and table their proposals,” she said.

Earlier this week, Deputy President William Ruto gave out the Sh1 million to fulfill an earlier pledge he made to sex workers in Mtito Andei.  The money, he said, would help the women leave sex work and start other businesses.


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