A youthful man who tricked a woman to allow him spend a night at her house so that he can attend the interview the following day has been arrested.

The suspect Symom Muiruri was accused of stealing he the woman’s laptops, job cards and other valuables within Kinoo on April 30th after spending the night with her.

It is said the two met on Facebook. On the material, the lady reportedly left him in the house and went for her usual activities only to realize the items were missing before reporting the case to police.

After being pursued for more than a month, undercover police arrested the suspect today in Mlolongo where he is said to have been hiding.

“He was arrested at Mulolongo and later taken to Kinoo police post If you have ever been his victim, kindly find your way to Kinoo police post and make the case against him more strong”, a detective privy to the case shared


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