A popular man from Eldoret and one of the men in the video has claimed that he was tricked and drugged so as to take part in sex orgy that recently went viral.

DK Kibet interview with local daily on the material day he agreed to host Harriet and her hubby for drinks at his place. But he clams to have known her around 2018 in Eldoret and exchanged contacts and had been planning to meet until the material Saturday April 4th.

“At that time, Harriet had confirmed she was coming with her husband,” Kibet narrated adding that, Harriet arrived early in the afternoon with three men who she identified as Kim and the other two as Tony Kibet and Tony Rosa. Her husband was missing.

“It was a bit early so I organised for a meal as we caught up and shared drinks,” Kibet said.

After the meal, Kibet claims the visitors tabled another drink in a plastic bottle.

“It had a different taste from my Ciroc. At around 3pm I blacked out and slept on the couch for more than an hour. I was feeling strange when I woke up past 5pm; everyone was naked and having sex. They convinced me to finish the drink and taste some powder on the table before joining them” he claimed.

Harriet Scott

He added that he decided to spend the night in an adjacent apartment and vacated his house for Harriet and her company.

The following day Kibet cliams he received a text from one of the guys telling him to send him to send him Sh210,000 or he would leak my nudes.

“I shared this with my wife and she advised me to pay them, but in the process of looking for the cash, the video was already making rounds, when I called Harriet she joked about us deserving a share of the Sh100 million for entertaining Kenyans”


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