Doctors who attended Renny Ron, the slain Kericho body builder did not conclude that he used synthol to boost his muscles.

This is according to gospel artiste Fay Tall who has been running campaigns to save Renny who passed on last week on Tuesday after battling strange ailment.

Fay’s lengthy post reads in part “A lot of stories have been written about Renny and a lot of judgments have been made by several people, but remember we are all human and we make mistakes and do whatever it takes to survive.

She added “Being an Orphan Renny through the struggle of getting a income to sustain him and his sibling tried his lack on body building as a career which after a while he started developing muscle hypertrophy”

Reportedly, Renny was taken to the hospital a series of exam were conducted on him but they couldn’t find any pathology, the doctors only suspected synthol injection.

At the time his situation got worse, the swellings kept increasing in size and spreading with time he even started developing bed sores and sadly no medication worked for him. He was expected to go for a reduction surgery but sadly did not manage.

The artiste appealed “Kindly let support his family settle his bills and give him a befitting burial. His burial will be this Saturday at their home CHemosot, Bureti constituency, Kericho County. Pay bill number 763424 .Account no your name”.


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