A Nairobi businessman has claimed that he has slept with married woman for over 300 times until he found out that she is married for 15 years now.

Steve Ochiel who is now regretting the move was ready to formalize the union when he found out the woman identified as Eunice Nyaga, and whom he fondly called ‘Nice,’ was married.

“It was one of the darkest days of my life,” recalls Ochiel, who met ‘Nice’ in March 2019. Their love blossomed. Nice worked as a manager for a company along Mombasa Road.

“I met her at club in Embakasi, in fact, she is the one who made advances by complimenting me on my shoes that I wore that day” recalls Ochiel.

He adds that, “After exchanging greetings, she asked me if I’m a businessman and when I responded in the affirmative she looked impressed. Our relationship began from there and went on for one year.”

Ochiel had just parted ways with his wife and, “I was really yearning for love. I met her at the right time,” said Ochiel, who was emboldened when ‘Nice’ revealed that she became a widow after her hubby died in a road accident, leaving behind two kids, the last born being only three months old.

“I was ready to bear all the responsibilities and felt for her when she mentioned the accident. But we had agreed that I will not move to her place or our own house until we legalised our marriage,” recalls Ochiel, who took ‘Nice’ to Rongo to meet his parents.

The couple even began planning how they would venture into projects together.

“We started an avocado farming business together in Meru, ‘Nice’s rural home, and exported green peas for a company based at The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport among other businesses.”

He began being intimate with ‘Nice’ and actually were ‘bedmates’ for over 300 times, during their thrice-a-week meetings in a guest house along Mombasa Road.

“All that time, I did not sense anything fishy, we would enjoy good meals from as early as 11am before getting intimate until 5pm, time for her to return the company car,” but red flags began fluttering when ‘Nice’ “at some point stole my Sh50,000 but having given all to her, I forgave her, forgot about it and moved on.

“During our time together, she has asked me to communicate with her using a different number,” Ochiel says.

Another red flag came up one weekend, when she cancelled their usual late afternoon date as she had already left for her house in Tassia estate, in Nairobi’s Eastlands.

Ochiel, was forced to use a tracking system that located ‘Nice’ at a popular restaurant along Mombasa Road — which was nowhere near Tassia.

“I arrived and noticed her in the company of another man in a corner. I sat at a corner to watch her. But when she kissed him, I walked to their table,” says Ochiel, where he picked the bottle of Guinness Nice’s lover was drinking and emptied it on her hair.

Ochiel then dragged Nice outside. She was tipsy having taken one drink too many. She had no choice but to spend the night with Ochiel. But little did he know ‘Nice’ had a husband.

That was when unga ilizidi maji. Nice’s husband found a chain of steamy text messages between them. Ochiel shortly heard from Nice’s hubby about other things; that they had been married for 14 years and he “was not ready to lose her.”

“I’ve accepted to move on. I sincerely apologise to the husband because I was not aware from the word go that Eunice was married.”


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