A fifth year Chuka University nursing student who recently assisted a young lady who is student in the same institution has been hailed for extending and helping hand.

Hosea Chepkok was visiting a friend in the nearby hostel last week when he heard some commotions emanating from lady’s hostel and decided to respond only to find a female student in labor.

This forced him to rush to the hostel and found that the student was in labour with baby’s head already popping out thus meaning it was too late to call an ambulance or taxi to rush her to nearby hospital.

Chepkok who hails from Baringo and recently completed internship at Embu Level 5 narrated “I rushed to my room to get gloves and assisted her until she delivered, cut off the umbilical cord, cleaned the baby and called the taxi that took her to the hospital for further treatment”

“I am a graduate student currently doing my one-year internship program that will enable me get practicing license for providing services to patients just the way I did with fellow comrade”.

Even though, Chepkok said that at the moment, he is not allowed to carry such tasks alone without assistance but the student’s case was urgent with challenges on delivering on the way.

To avoid such emergency cases, he advised, “women should stick to birth plan to decide on whom and what can help her go through labor and birth comfortably they should also have cash money, a flexible driver doctor’s name and contact is of in case of any emergency”


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