Husband of former Bomet governor Dr Joyce Laboso has said that is not looking for another wife yet.

Speaking during interview with local radio station today, the widower Edwin Abonyo said he is still mourning death of Laboso who recently succumbed to cancer.

“Death is not something that you get ready for even if you already know what will happen next when cancer reaches a certain point, you cannot do anything about it especially when it comes knocking for the second time after remission” he said.

Adding that “I miss her love and care and cooking even though she did not frequently go to kitchen because of her tiring work but we used to go out for dinner during weekends…I still cry while alone in the house especially when I remember what we used to do together for the past 35 years that we were married”

Abonyo however said that he would join politics soon just like Laboso, citing that those eying political seats want to enrich themselves thus he never secured any tender in Bomet county.

“Politics is a clean game only those who are playing it are dirty. Many are not genuine as their main aim is to enrich themselves” he said.

Abonyo pointed out that the recent appointment was better opportunity to prove to President Uhuru that he is hardworking man.


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