A recent move by group of preachers calling themselves ‘Rift Valley Church leaders’ claiming that Deputy President William Ruto has ‘forgotten’ the churches in the region in terms of donations has elicited divided opinion across the Rift.

This was after a number of locals renounced the team lead by Bishop Fredrick Maritim in Bomet County; a video of their presser in the south Rift town became topic of ridicule on various platforms.

Their handwritten statement read in part “when will our day come, because we also have churches in Rift Valley like the rest, we have projects in churches across the Rift and needy students sponsored by men of God”

Maritim has now told off those who described them as embarrassment to the Kalenjin community saying that their call is genuine and not planning to milk the deputy president or playing politics as alleged by the critics.

“That was not the full message; our main agenda was to tell the politicians who visit churches not to raise any political issues in the places of worships, in fact we were not targeting the Deputy President”, he told Nairobi Journal.

The deputy President has not responded yet but those who think we want his money so that we can squander or misuse in any way are wrong, our plea to him on other leaders is legitimate”, Maritim added.

The bishop further faulted section of people claiming that his voice does not represent the region stating that his experience and leadership in church matters makes him qualified to speak on behalf of the Kalenjin community.

“No leader is bigger than the other as long as one is able to lead a group of people, meeting their aspiration either spiritually socially and material needs like my case” said Maritim who has been preaching for 40 years.

Initially, Maritim was serving as overseer at Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) before quitting and started Perfection Gospel Ministry (PNG).

DP Ruto’s son, Nick


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