Chandarana Foodplus Supermarket management accused of prejudice now claims the racist email was made and sent by a temporarily employee without their authority.

Management told Nairobi County Assembly Justice and Legal committee the female employee was an expatriate hired to work on the online platform as a graphic designer and his special pass was expiring on August 15.

The internal email in August that leaked indicated the chain was planning a promotional targeting only the white community in Nairobi. It read in part; “We are delighted to inform you that our supermarket chain would like to give you free vouchers… in upcoming events as we are now focusing on attracting white people to our supermarkets”.

The racist, leaked email

After management was questioned by the assembly committee they claimed the employee was tasked “To research on prospects of getting businesses from employees working temporarily in Embassies and related mission staff en route in Kenya”.

The committee was told she acted without any command. “She wrote to the Embassies without a go ahead and she never copied the emails to anyone in the organisation”.

They said of their 1, 246 employees countrywide, only three percent are expatriates.

City Hall said Governor Mike Sonko reprimanded the apologetic investors but his directive to cancel Chandarana’s license was not executed by County Attorney office.


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