There is a popular myth that chewing peanuts boosts libido; while this is unproven, you can now nonetheless enjoy your peanuts in a loaf of bread.

Thanks to local businessman Mwangi Gakinya, peanut bread is quickly taking over the breakfast table in many households in Nairobi.

The bread is not only tasty for nut lovers; it is also packed with nutritional benefits and doesn’t need any spread.

The genius idea to bake local peanut bread came to Gakinya three years ago at his home kitchen in the sleepy Murang’a town.

Soon, equipped with knowledge on value addition, he needed an idea on how to make money by improving consumer products which were already in the market.

He settled on bread because its production is affordable and it sells quickly. He figured that adding nuts to bread would make it tastier and healthier.

With time, word about the ‘magic bread’ quickly spread and his business expanded from Murang’a to other regions, including Kiambu and Nairobi.

He says his customers are usually happy, especially those in Nairobi where he supplies twice a week.

He added that, “It’s a fact that peanuts have blood-cleaning agents and help in improving fertility, that’s why it’s healthy for men,” says Gakinya, adding that “peanuts also help in detoxifying the body and are healthy options for diabetic people.”

Gakinya mixes peanuts with unrefined wheat flour to make whole wheat bread, a staple for diabetics.

He adds that “research has shown that peanuts aid in boosting memory, they enhance digestion, lower the risks of weight gain, boost immunity, and also help in preventing gallstones and other ailments.”

Besides peanuts, he uses other locally available ingredients such as cassava tubers and sorghum.

In a single day, Nutmasters produces 300 loaves of bread in packs of 200 and 400 grammes, retailing at Sh30 and Sh50 respectively.


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