A family in Nairobi is seeking justice months after their teenage daughter was allegedly defiled and impregnated by a Kenya Defence Forces (kdf) officer last year in November.

The 15-year-old girl claims she was defiled by an officer identified as Mathenge on the day her mother had sent her to run errands within Tassia estate in Embakasi.

“My mother had been called by one of her clients to wash clothes. She used to clean some apartment in Tassia and she requested me to step in for her. I arrived at around 8am and went ahead to fetch water, but I could not locate a mop. I went upstairs to look for one,” the class seven minor said.

She claims she bumped into the officer who off red to give her the mop.

“I went upstairs to look for the mop and met this man. When I informed him what I was looking for, he requested that I accompany him to his house to pick one. I didn’t know this was a trap,” she said.

The minor claims that upon stepping into the house, the suspect locked the door, grabbed her from behind and warned her not to scream.

“He overpowered and threatened me with a gun. He warned that if I refused to sleep with me, he would shoot me and later kill my mother,” she claimed.

She claimed the officer raped her and later told her to go finish her work.

“I was hurt. I went back home but didn’t share the ordeal with anyone. It was a well-kept secret,” she added.

When she missed her periods, she claimed to have shared the matter with one the ‘aunts’ who informed her family.

The minor revealed that after much pressure from her family to reveal the man who raped her, she identified Mathenge, who upon being questioned, denied the accusations.

“Mathenge got the information but denied accusing us of tarnishing his name. He reported us to Tasia police post where a female officer laughed at us and dismissed the case,” she added.

Luckily, the matter reached a community social worker who promised to follow up the case and took the minor to a rescue centre in the city.

The social worker booked the matter at Embakasi Police station station under OB30/07/03/2019.


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