Kisumu town

A recent statement that Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) group will carry out exercise that involves inspecting men to find out if they are circumcised in Kisumu, Migori, Homa Bay has elicited various platforms across the board.

It was reported that a planned three months exercise launched in Homa Bay aims at combating the spread of HIV/aids in the region and establishing the number of circumcised men in the area.

One of the officials during the event said the exercise was sponsored by the US government and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to find out if more funding is needed to fight the disease in the region.

However, those trained and tasked with the exercise will only inspect men at their own will and those not comfortable will be required to only answer whether they have been circumcised or not.

Asked about her view on the ‘inspection’, Mbita Member of parliament Millie Odhiambo stated she was uncertain about the exercise since circumcision is not constitutional requirement.

Her sentiments were echoed by Kenyan theologian and activist Reverenced Thimothy Njoya who argued that for such an exercise to be conducted, there must be enough sensitization campaigns and that it ought not to target one region or tribe.

“The exercise out to be universal, they should explain if they have scientific proof that circumcisions will really help in fighting the scourge since medicine is scientific, it should have general theory that it will work” he said.


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