Recently, a Nairobi man shocked Kenyans when he posted a video of his wife confessing that she was seeing another man behind his back in an early morning drama.

Derrick Mbugua , an upcoming Politian posted the video as he scolded his wife who confessed that she was seeing a mtumba hawker in Gikomba.

The wife initially denied having an affair with the hawker, but when Mbugua called him, he admitted to having slept with her but claimed that he used a condom.

In an unexpected twist, Mbugua, a day later saying that he has forgiven his wife. That raised eyebrows with some people wondering whether the whole thing was stage-managed.

“Everything that happened is true. My marriage has been rocky. Emily is my wife of three years and we have a two-year-old child, we have been having an on and off relationship. I deiced to post that video after she confessed that she had spent the night with the hawker”, Mbugua told Nairobi Journal.

Mbugua’s wife had been initially accusing him of ‘prostitution’ whenever he is away and does not eat the food she prepares.

“We have been trying to iron out the problems with family but it has been hard. I’ve forgiven her because I’m human being and she too found out that I was seeing another woman sometimes back,” he explained.


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