Kiambu County

Men in some counties can’t enjoy their conjugal rights without first bribing their wives.

Married men from Kiambu and Nyeri counties, the report by Maendeleo ya Wanaume has revealed, bribe their wives for sex.

The survey was conducted between April and May 2019 to establish the major challenges facing couples.

According to Nderitu Njoka, the national chair of Maendeleo ya Wanaume, the study also sought to find out how husbands and wives relate to each other in the course of their marriage, spousal attitudes, as well as besides identify how socio–cultural and economic factors affect marriages.

Nderitu Njoka, Cahirman of Maendeleo ya Wanaume

The survey sampled 500 husbands and 300 wives aged between 20 and 50 years. Njoka was of the opinion that the findings reflect what a majority of husbands go through in the hands of their wives across the country.

The findings indicated that “conjugal right is not a right anymore since men become victims of blackmail whenever they ask for sex. About 80 per cent of men make love to their wives only after promising to buy them gifts or give them money.”

Wives have also taken to dismissing advances from their husbands indirectly through various means, including offensive dress codes, which was the preferred method of 90 per cent of the wives interviewed, while “in 70 per cent of the marriages, kissing is a strange thing that was part of intimacy only in the first year after tying the knot.”

The survey also found that about “60 per cent of couples don’t share love text messages and care less about the status of each other while away, while 70 per cent of married couples no longer accompany each other to events or other places.” According to the study, “80 per cent of couples don’t sit together in churches or public gatherings.”


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