A Kenya Defence Forces soldier who was accused of assaulting a man for having sex with his wife will now part with Sh150, 000 as compensation.

The suspect, Duncan Otieno Juma allegedly attacked businessman George Njoroge in Makadara estate in 2015. Otieno was further charged with malicious damage of properties.

When they appeared in court last week, the two were granted an opportunity to talk and they settled on the figure.

The businessman who testified earlier in court claimed Otieno was a regular customer at their hotel back in Mandera County and it is here that started eying his wife in 2014.

Njoroge claims he had received information from neighbours who told him that the officer often frequented his house in his absence.

He reported the matter to area OCS in Mandera and Otieno reportedly apologised, after which the two moved on.

The court heard that at some point, Njoroge transferred his wife and family to Nairobi due to insecurity in Mandera and hoped Otieno would disappear from the picture. However, the court heard that Njoroge found his wife in bed with Otieno.

It is alleged that on the fateful day, Njoroge arrived home, but his wife refused to open.

It is then that he broke the door, only to find the two and a scuffle ensued. The matter was reported to cops and Otieno was arrested.


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