Kambua showing off baby bump

Gospel artiste cam Citizen tv presenter Kambua Manundu Mathu is pregnant after Seven years of expecting to conceive.

Kambua had become punching bag among enemies of development but she has now shared baby bump photo laced with quote from Isaiah 60:20.

The verse reads “The smallest family shall multiply into a clan; the tiny group shall be a mighty nation. I, the Lord will bring it all to pass when it’s time”

Kambua became target of cyber bullying and trolls for being childless close to seven years after her wedding with her husband Jackson Mathu.

Kambua revealed her sufferings sometimes back when she felt that the whole world was weighing on her and that she did not want to go public since anything that she posted would stir up a conversation of why she does not have a child.

The news has however exited many netizens including another gospel artiste Evelyne Wanjiru who got married to her husband almost the same time with Kambua has also been undergoing the agony of not bearing child for years.


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