K24 news anchor who doubles up as mortician has cleared the air on claims that has bugged him for ages that he is gay.

The mediamax caster responded to the claims during an interview with Sarah Ibrahim where he revealed that he was fixed by his colleague and two friends who wanted to extort money from the anchor.

Njoka explained that three were demanding Sh60,000 after creating his fake profile and edited photos threatening to expose him in 2016 but he stood his ground and told them off.

He said “I thought he was playing with me. It’s a person I have never met, it’s a guy I have never met, It’s a person I have never even interacted with.

Adding that, “They really wanted to get cash off me and I refused. If I am gay or not, it’s none of your concern. My concern and my biggest worry is that we let him in and we took his side of the story. I never spoke about it because there was nothing to speak about. I never told anybody about this because there was nothing to tell,”

Njoka said when the worst happened, everyone believed it without looking on the other side of the coin but he had nothing speak about because he there was nothing to tell to anyone.

Asked why he has never been spotted with woman, Njoka responded “yes I am a bachelor and I am a proud bachelor. And I would love and I would like and I am planning to stick to the bachelor side for the rest of my life.”


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