Is it true that women are enemies of their own?

Well, this could be either way, but if what Anerlisa Muigia shared recently is anything to go by; then the aforementioned statement is true.

The daughter of Keroche industries boss Tabitha Karanja became famous recently when she successfully shed off hundreds of kilograms to maintain hour glass shape.

This and the fact that she hails from well-off family could be reason that Kenyan women have been hating on her with majority claiming that she underwent costly plastic surgery to cut her weight instead of hitting the gym.

She posted “I am very aware that most women have grown this bitter side about me. It has grown since I transformed my body, since having a successful business and also the fact that I am always happy no matter what…

Going ahead “makes them sad. Why is it that woman we don’t support other women doing well? I am very strong about empowering women and I believe in positive energy. I also decided to never respond to any negativity said about me; I will always rise above that”

Anerlisa, 30 had been battling excess weight that nearly pushed her to depression only to varnish for a while and bounced back with sexy body that has been driving many.

At the moment, Anerlisa is currently dating Tanzanian musician Ben Pol who recently proposed to her in much publicized stunt.


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