Governor Waititu attending a women conference

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu’s goose is now cooked after his deputy James Nyoro also disowned him.

In a new twist, Nyoro joined leaders who now want Baba Yao to resign or be impeached.

He says that Kiambu has lost more money than what was revealed in the Senate’s account committee.

Nyoro said his boss is a know it all and does not listen to anyone or heed to advice.

“Waititu ni Koigi uteragwo. (Waititu is a know it all.)” he claimed

According to Nyoro, more Sh 200 million was siphoned from the county’s coffers.

“We want the court to ensure justice is done in the case filed by 10 MCAs from Kiambu County, “said Nyoro

Pressure is pilling for Baba Yao to resign over absurd budget by his team.

Nyoro has been quiet for a while. However it is not the first time he has rocked heads with his boss after point blank plunder in the county.

“Waititu’s claim that he is not aware of how the allocations found their way into the documents are untrue because he ought to have had gone through the documents before signing them,” said Nyoro.

He says that Waititu cannot be allowed to be in the office as he will manupulate evidence before investigators come calling.

Waititu’s deputy who has now turned a whistle blower says that is audit is done until April this year, more rot and point blank theft can be unearthed in the county.


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