Ivy and Naftali

Naftali Kinuthia (28), and Ivy Wangeci (25) had been dating for 7 years before their relationship turned sour.

Reportedly their love started going south some years back when Kinuthia suspected Ivy was playing on him with another man.

Last week Kinuthia traveled to Eldoret to do more investigations about the cheating claims and track her movements around the institution and town after another party informed him Wangechi was seeing a sponsor.


Unknown to her that Kinuthia was around, Wangechi requested Sh14,000 from him on the for her birthday party, money which he sent to her.

Days later, she made another request for Sh10,000 which he again wired to her Mpesa account.

On April 8th she made a further request for yet another Sh10,000, but at this point Kinuthia asked her to be patient because he would be traveling to Eldoret on the following day.

The late Ivy Wangechi

This is said to have made her angry but waited the following day where they met and shared a coffee then he handed her the cash she had requested.

Afterwards she is said to have excused herself to go and change promising to show up later then switched her phone and blocked Kinuthia in all social platforms.

The late Ivy Wangechi

His attempts to reach her on the fateful Tuesday 9th April were futile and this is suspected to have angered hKinuthia who checked in the nearby hardware and bough the axe and sword.

In the meantime he is said to have been monitoring Wangechi through another friend and when he caught up with her, he pounced the girlfriend and mercilessly hacked her to death.


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