Young gospel artiste Kevin Bahati is not happy man.

His wife, Diana Marua has indicated that she is likely to leave him for two months to attend training at cooking school in Italy.

Diana Marua

This means Bahati will spend cold nights alone thus his recent rage when Diana surprised him that she has qualified for scholarship she had applied sometimes back.

To make the matters worse, Diana had invited her relatives to break the news having not informed her husband Bahati.

Later on the two are said to have fought with Bahati stamping his authority as the man of the house despite that Diana is older than him by Five Years.

Bahati is said to have asked her “you are just excited about Italy. Let me ask you, why am I your husband”

But Diana responded “I’ve told you before that in another world I would like to be a chef. I have gotten the opportunity to go to for a training offer for 2 months in one of the fine dining restaurants in Italy. I feel like this is it for me”



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