Illicit brews (Courtesy)

A couple of years ago hundreds of women in Limuru poured on the roads to protest against wines and spirits that were making their men useless in bed.

The illicit brews were said to have totally killed ‘transformers’ around Limuru and section of Central Province thus the women wanted the government to intervene to save their husbands.

Tea Estate in Kericho County (Courtesy)

The same problem is  now staring at Kapsoit women in Kericho County after a number of men reported to have experienced ‘low power’ following the arrival of strange alcohol alleged to be brewed in Uganda and sneaked in to Kenya through Busia.

A number of men have now told Nairobi Journal that things have now gone south in Bedroom after drinking the unlabbled drinking now available within Kaspsoit town.

Adminitrators destroying illicit brews in the past crackdown (Courtesy)

John Mutai one of the victims revealed “I started taking the brew last month, they are packed in 500ml plastic bottles that are not labeled and going for sh80, I nolono lo rise to occasion like before”

The 40 year old casual labourer in the nearby tea farm added “My wife has now threatened to look for another man if I don’t stop drinking; three of my friends have shared the same”

A spot check by our Reporter established that the bars and pubs around are now selling the drink to loyal customers only after the word started going around within Kericho town.

“it is serious problem that needs to be addressed soon or we will protest we cannot sit and wait our husbad’s transformers be destroyed by cheap liquors” Rachel Bet businesswoman in Kapsoit town told Nairobi Journal.


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