Linturi hated his addict daughter, Kitany


Meru Senator Mithika Linturi ordered the police to arrest his own daughter for allegedly being a drug addict.

Mr. Linturi’s estranged wife Marianne Kitany in an explosive affidavit explains that the senator in 2017 called her while she was in Dubai to inform her that their daughter was locked up at Gigiri police station after he found her with drugs.

She claims that he went to a rally and abandoned her in police cells.

The relationship between the Linturi and his daughter is said to be stormy as she has allegedly also failed in school while studying abroad.

According to the woman, she intervened after returning to the country and had the girl taken to a rehabilitation center managed by former MP and Nacada boss John Mututho.

“Previously, she had been expelled for a similar case of abuse of drugs while in Form Three,” claimed Kitany.

The two love birds who have now turned into bitter foes met in 2013.

According to court papers, Kitany met  Linturi in 2013 while working at the Deputy President William Ruto’s office. He had come to see Dr. Ruto being a newly elected Member of Parliament for Igembe South.

“I was instructed to assist him with his requests being the chief of staff to the Deputy President then,” she explained in her affidavit. 

Theirs was not a love at first sight as she says he was just like any other law makers who had come to see her boss.

In 2014, things started changing, dating kicked in during which period he would bring  her flowers and visit her frequently at which time he claimed he was single and unmarried. 

Court papers read they did  a tradition marriage after he produced a divorce certificate

But Mr. Linturi says he would not have married her as he was still married to Mercy Kaimenyi.

“The defendant herein, if indeed did not have any capacity to marry, committed the criminal act of bigamy, an offence under Section  171 of the Penal Code of Kenya,” says Kitany.

She also claimed that Linturi’s engine could not fire several times she offered herself at their matrimonial bed. According to Kitany, the man blamed his failure to rise to the occasion on his ill health, exhaustion.

He could not satistfy her hunger.

“But for most of the part he simply could not.We regularly fought over children and other family matters especially because, the Defendant wanted more children, while I was of the opinion that the children we had were enough,” she claimed. 

She added that they often had quarrels over him getting calls from other women.



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