Martin Kamotho popularly known as Githeri Man is planning to walk down the aisle, Nairobi Journal can exclusively reveal.

Weeks after being reported to be living in squalid condition within Kayole estate, we have been told Githeri Man is now thinking of getting himself a wife.

section of Kayole (courtesy)

His only companion in the tiny bedsitter in the sprawling Saba-saba area of Kayole is cat that he keeps tapping its back to forget how lady luck smiled on him during 2017 general elections.

He rose to fame after showing up to vote with Githeri in polythene bag that made him internet sensation thus diverting attention and fully charged election mood.

An edited phot of Githeriman during 2017 elections

Following his fame, Kamotho was award Head of state Commendation (HSC) and soon hundreds of companies wanted to be associated with him to market their products.

The companies included, Big Square Hotels, Bonfire Adventures,Happy Fat, Maisha Flour Mills, Username Properties and even Uhuru Kenyatta’s stylist who promised to dress Kamotho for Five years.

Githeri Man is now living dog’s life in what he claims to have been used and dumped and back to drinking spree even after graduating from rehabilitation ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

To forget his problems and avoid deteriorating in Chang’aa dens Kamotho has been attending House of Hope Church which is not far from his hood.

It’s here that he has been receiving counseling twice a week to prepare him for fresh life with bigger chances having slipped through the fingers, many friends and even close relatives have since abandoned him.

The Church’s leader Godfrey Migwi said “he has been attending here for two months now, I gave him counseling appointments on Thursdays and Sundays and he has really improved, the problem is that he got a name and was unable to maintain it”

He added “when he came here I found out he sometimes even sleeps without hungry, he went to rehabilitation centre but he was not well equipped because they just wanted to make name and money out of him”

Even though Migwi said they have established that he could be having deeper problems that needs serious prayers back at his home, and when all is done they will do the final part that is connect him with wife.

Githeri Man believes,” if I get good wife from God then well and good, but I’m not in hurry, it up to God to show me one and I’m ready to love her”.


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