Kanyari defends controversial pastor Lukau

Pastor Victor Kanyari (left) and South African Pastor Alp Lukau (right).

Pastor Victor Kanyari has apparently defended controversial South African Pastor Alp Lukau who is being trolled for a ‘resurrection’ stunt.

Lukau who lives a lavish lifestyle claimed he resurrected the man who was being ferried to the grave but his stunt has stirred a heated debate within South Africa and beyond.

In unexpected move Kanyari who came to the limelight through a controversial fake miracle in which he used potassium permanganate to deceive his followers took to social media to endorse Lukau’s actions.

Kanyari described Lukau as his comrade. He said; “When in the battlefield soldiers never open fire to kill one of their own. I counsel all Christians to approach this matter with wisdom”.

Controversial Pastor Alp Lukau while performing fake resurrection miracle. [Photo: Courtesy]
He went on saying; “What if accusers of Pastor Alp Lukau are found to be malicious and lying? Be Guided by Mathew 12:22-52”.

Kanyari described Lukau as his comrade

He quoted more Biblical verses to drive his point home. He defended Lukau with Psalm 105:15 that says; “Touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm”.

Kanyari said; “In Samuel 24:5-7 King David said I will not touch the anointed of the Lord even when he knew God has rejected Saul”.


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