Some of the impersonators arrested by the police
Fraudsters posing as President Uhuru Kenyatta are being held by police after a Sh 80 million con game was unearthed.
The seven men had managed to con a Nairobi based business man  Sh 80 million in pretense that they would award him the Government tenders.
The men were nabbed by investigators from DCI over the weekend after complains by Sameer Group of Companies.
In the syndicate, one of the suspects  is able to mimic the President  such that their victims cannot raise alarm.
Suspects who conned Naushad Merali
The suspects in court
The caller who has perfected the art of speaking like President Uhuru moves targeted well oiled business people to believe that he would push for them to get lucrative deals in Government.
The con then promises to send State operatives to collect facilitation fees and true to his word, sharply dresses men arrive and introduce themselves as State House officials.
To lower suspicion the suspects are even driven in police escorts.
The con scheme came to light last month after officials from Sameer reportedly inquired from State House seeking whether they would come meet President Uhuru over a tender he had promised them.
It is alleged that they used mobile number 0722 208842 to call Sameer Africa chairman Nashud Merali.
This puzzled the State House officials in which they reported back to Sameer that the President had nothing to do with such kind of shady dealings.
When the police raided one of the suspect’s house, they found high end vehicles including two Toyota V8s.


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