A fundraiser for slain Dandora activist Caroline Mwatha has been scheduled for 20th February and will be held in Nairobi’s Garden Square hotel.

In a poster shared on ‘Dandora Crime Free’, Mwatha fondly referred as ‘Caro Mtetezi’ has been eulogised as a ‘Social Justice Martyr’ thus need to send her off in style.

Mwatha’s final sendoff will be 23rd February even though there in an ongoing case that has seen seven suspects arrested in connection with her death.

Below is lengthy caption that was shared with the poster on Tuesday evening;

“…. And the hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives. She was our sister who raised a lot disagreement with most of us. She has been fighting for the lives of innocent people.

A real and true Human Rights safeguarded. She is no longer with us for reasons will all understand but God understands better. We as #teamhessy hereby call upon all well-wishers to show mercy on this issue.

Let’s show solidarity and strength we have on our fellow people. Let’s be united and show some love despite all. #caroh_mwatha may you rest in peace.
As Hesy Wa Dandora said, let’s treat every part of the towel with respect since the part that wiped your ass may be used to wipe your tongue tomorrow…”

As the Country was coming to terms with Mwatha’s disappearance and subsequent discovery of her body at City mortuary, police said the activist died out of botched abortion in the hands of quack doctor.

The detectives further said they had discovered chain of text messages and other evidence to prove that Mwatha was trying to terminate six month’s pregnancy from another man despite the fact that she was married.

An independent autopsy conducted at the Umash funeral home found out that the activist died from excessive internal and external bleeding with her uterus disfigured.

Peter Ndegwa representing the family said the foetus was established to between 5 – 6months.


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