POLICE: Slain Dandora Activist was married, trying to abort ‘Mpango wa Kando’s’ Child

Caroline Mwatha

Even as the Country is coming to terms with disappearance of activist Caroline Mwatha disappearance and subsequent discovery of her body day’s later police have distanced themselves from earlier blame games.

Mwatha who was a vocal activist against extra judicial killings disappeared on 6th February under unclear circumstances in which police were alleged to have played role.

But in unexpected twist investigators are now pursuing theory of botched abortion that has led to arrest of six people including supposed doctors and man said to be Mwatha’s boyfriend, even though she was married.

Last evening Director of Criminal Investigations sent two paged statement giving blow by blow events of what led to Mwatha’s death after visiting two clinics before her death.

Earlier, a lengthy post courtesy of ‘Hessy Wa Dandora’ was shared on ‘Nairobi Crime Free’, a Facebook page meant for public and police to fight crime in the society, mostly in Nairobi’s Dandora, Kayole and other estates.

Here is the post by ‘Hessy Wa Dandora’

“Let’s finalize this issue coz i can see some media houses have started asking funny questions like, who killed her blah, blah..and obviously all fingers will point police department:

I want to put things straight here that no police officer is responsible for her death. Caroh was a married woman to a man working in Dubai but was 5 months pregnant for another man well known as Alex from Dandora.

She decided to seek intervention from local doctors within Eastlands of Nairobi with the motive of conducting an abortion to save her marriage.

She made the 1st attempt but was not successful, the second one again not successful: the third (3rd) attempt was conducted within Dandora phs 4 at a certain local clinic which caused serious damage and hence excessive bleeding that resulted to death: that was on 7th February, 2019.

Obviously, they had no option than to visit City mortuary. At the morgue, it’s believed they booked her in using different names and convinced the mortuary attendants that she died naturally.

So far, Alex, one doctor plus two other local pharmacists are in custody. Am sure someone will ask why Alex was arrested, he was arrested coz he’s the one responsible in facilitating the whole process.

I want to say this, that media houses plus other social platforms should stop broadcasting fake and defamatory information to tarnish the image of the police: next time before u start pointing fingers at the police, think twice:

Do your research properly before making any move to accuse the police. We don’t just kill innocent people, we normally eliminate armed gangsters to secure a safe environment for all us.


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