Former NTV News Anchor and the Trend show Host Larry Madowo is man of many hats on various platforms online thus his huge following.

In fact the BBC Africa business Editor has on several occasions become victim of cyber bulling on various issues he shares including his sojourns across the world.

However, there was animated debate among his followers when he posted he posted pictures of a penis enlargement cream on his twitter and Facebook Account.

His photo shared on February 7th was captioned “The pharmacy next to my hotel in Abidjan has something for everyone 😉,”

He however did not reveal whether he bought the product or not, as the majority of Kenyans who replied to his post concluded that Larry actually purchased it.

Here are some of the comments from his followers on Facebook;

Wayne Evans Mimi tangu nigundue kazi ya Mungu haina makosa I never struggle. For example, katiba naisoma na 2 minutes, mwenye anataka 1 hr akanyage kubwa kubwa.. Shot ni moja, 3 ama 4 ni vitu za movie.. Sasa wewe usisumbuane na iyo kitu, iheshimu tu ivo.. Kazi ya Mungu

Leshao Reuben Leshao Please tag OTILE BROWN. Hii maisha ni kusaidiana ama namna gani?

Ndugu Ndugúh Hapo sawa Bro and ukienda kugonga kaheifer ka huko, please do it perfectly well because you’ll be representing all your country men. Jengea sisi jina huko kaka

Alecki Alexx Nobody realised Jesus talking to 5000 people without microphone was a miracle. We all focused on food.

Gabriel Kip Can you urinate well bro? Then do your part and let her cum on her way home.

Aton Aton Otile Brown we know your handwriting

Ndinda J Nguli I am proud of you Larry.. People like acting like sex is not important.. Good sex is life. Whether by toothpick or megapenis.. It’s a personal choice to enhance or not. Size is great, but the skill of doing matters the most.


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