Controversial Preacher ‘Prophet’ Shepherd Bishiri of the Enlightened Christianity Gathering Church (ECG)and his wife have been arrested in money laundering case that has been following them for ages.

Bushiri is a close friend of Kenya’s Reverend Lucy Natasha who is also living large with state of the art vehicles and tight security around the clock.

Early last year, reports emerged that Bushiri was sending about R15 million a month to his birth country Malawi.

A statement from the church says BushiriBush his wife Mary were arrested by the Hawks on fraud and money laundering charges.

“As you will remember, from last year, we have struggled with reports that our father was guilty. He has been detained and is being questioned by the Hawks in Silverton, Pretoria.”

Bushiri spokesperson Maynard Manyowa said: “Police came in the morning to the hotel, picked them up, saying they wanted to talk to them. They wouldn’t tell us exactly why or how. They didn’t take them to as police station, but they took them to the headquarters of the Hawks.”

Kenya’s Lucy Natasha, who is now referred to as “Oracle of God”, has been linked with controversial Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a wealthy and controversial South Africa-based Malawian preacher and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church.

Bushiri is an enthusiastic social media user with an appetite for showing off his newly acquired properties to millions of his followers. His most memorable social media brag was the Gulf Stream III private jet.

The preacher who uses the title ‘Dr’ has previously claimed to heal those afflicted with HIV and the blind, and that he was once seen to appear to walk on air.

But Natasha in recent interview denied any financial link with Bushiri only claiming to be close friends describing him as “anointed man of God”.

Bushiri’s church boasts of ‘miracle oil’ bottled in containers with the preacher’s face, which is claimed to heal all manner of ailments. “Anointed man of God” but has no role in her ministry.

“I have known Bushiri and his wife for some time now. He is among young men of God; I respect him” Natasha responded in the interview.



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