I spend time with girlfriends in lodgings, not my house – Actor


A popular tiny actor Stephen Atanga has claimed that hundreds of beautiful women propose to him on daily basis.

Little Don 20, as he is fondly referred revealed this during an interview with Delay Show.

Don however said he accepts some proposals but in most of the cases he takes the petite women to lodgings and not his house.

“I do not do that in my house. You know people talk, so I’m very careful with that. I prefer guest house, I mean there are lots of guest houses around, rates are even cheaper” he said.

In another interview with Adom TV Atanga revealed that most women he has dated complain about the size of his manhood.

Being dwarf has however not been easy journey for Atanga, at some point he decided to take his life before accepting his condition.

“It got to sometime my parents despised me and never cared about me because my colleagues kept increasing in size but I remained where I was. I was contemplating ending my life”,

Adding that, “I believe my size is the work of God which I have to be content with. I have not made any attempt to go to the hospital to find out if there is something wrong with me medically or not. I trust in God and commit everything to prayer.


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