Central Bank suspends staff who castigated God, terror victims

Harrison Mumia the President Atheists In Kenya

Central Bank of Kenya has suspended their Corporate Communications Officer Harrison Mumia who is also the President Atheists In Kenya.

Letter from the Acting Director Human Resources stated that Mumia, 40 the employer was infuriated by his tweets on various postings with regard to specific events.

The letter highlighted the incident on February 16 last year he dwelled on arrest of Nandi Hills MP Alred Keter insinuating action on him was not based on investigations.

He posted; “I thought MP Alfred Keter was in government. I thought yuko ndani ndani. Mbona anashikwa na his government tena? As a Jubilee MP surely!!! Unless being in government is a myth! To those who voted for Jubilee. Mko ndani ya Government what sense?”.

Mumia’s suspension letter

It now appears he had been warned in May 2017 to refrain from making such statements. He apologised saying.

This new directive will see Mumia get half pay, stay away from his workplace at Kenya School of Monetary Studies along Thika Superhighway and before February 28 have a written explanation why his services should not be terminated.

“Should your response be found to be unsatisfactory, then a Discipline and Grievance Committee will be constituted under the provisions of Schedule 30(3) of the Human Resource Policies and Guidelines to deal with the matter”, states the letter.

His employer’s move comes barely a week after castigated people for praying to God to protect people caught up in the terror attack at Riverside Drive.

He wrote; “By the way those praying to God to protect Kenyans nini nini – Why didn’t God stop the attack at #RiversideMall ??? #GodIsNotGreat”.

Two days later he claimed Satan was not to blame for the incident that took dozen lives.

“The terror attacks had nothing to do with SATAN. Or God. Or any other imaginary being. This is kind of sensational reporting is what promotes blind faith” he wrote.


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