Atheists claims Satan is not to blame for Nairobi terror attack

I don't believe that evil and good have any relationship with gods/satan-Mumia

Harrison Mumia the President Atheists In Kenya

The leader of Kenyans who deem there is no God or Satan has castigated Kenyans accusing the devil for terror attack that hit Riverside Drive, claiming 16 lives.

Harrison Mumia, 40 the President Atheists In Kenya said evil or good things have no relationships with Gods or Satan. His reaction was prompted by the main story of this week’s The Nairobian that read “Satan In The Suburbs”.

Illustration of Satan and Riverside Drive

“The terror attacks had nothing to do with SATAN. Or God. Or any other imaginary being. This is kind of sensational reporting is what promotes blind faith. I don’t believe that evil and good have any relationship with gods/satan” Mumia wrote.

When the Riverside Drive was hit on Tuesday, the Corporate Communications officer at Central Bank of Kenya posed with a beer at a city hotel and criticised the believers.

He wrote; “Having #GodlessBeer at Two Rivers Mall! By the way those praying to God to protect Kenyans nini nini – Why didn’t God stop the attack at #RiversideMall ??? #GodIsNotGreat”.

Mumia was a church faithful but its while at University he started asking questions about religion and “I arrived at a position there is no satisfactory evidence to demonstrate the existence of God, Satan or any supernatural deity” he says.

Copy of The Nairobian newspaper


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