Straight to Hell? Bahati ‘arouses’ naked women


For some time now huge debate has been going on among Kenyans if local music deserve airplay among the radio stations or not.

While everyone has their choice and taste of music, another section think much needs to be done to improve the content laced sex and raunchy videos.

Amid the debate a photo of Bahati entertaining naked women at city c club has emerged adding salt to an already bleeding injury in the gospel industry.

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Here are various opinions from Kenyans despite the defense by Bahati that he was preaching to revelers through ‘gospel music’.

Janet Otieno He is an artist that is how he is earning his money

Daisy Jemu Koila Darkness is never a friend of light..there is nothing good done in the dark….

Erick Otieno After all everyone is looking for money

Veddiah Marvel Am sure he changed 1 or 2 people there to be better than that.

Blixen Kui Bahati Isn’t A Gospel Artist… Please Stop Misusing the Word

Nelson Matini Mokaya We have not forgotten the sagging..



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