Did Uhuru Kenyatta promise to endorse his Deputy President William Ruto to succeed him in the next general election?

This is what majority of DP Ruto supporters across the Rift Valley are asking themselves after section of Jubilee leaders started changing the tune on who to support come 2022.

Uhuruto (Courtesy)

The latest scathing attack on DP came from former Jubilee Vice chairman David Murathe who has vowed to stop Ruto from vying for the top seat saying that the second in command ought  to retire with President Uhuru.

Murathe whispered to be close ally of Uhru resigned from the post to ‘pursue other interests’ but sources now intimate that he was pushed out over his divisive remarks.

Former Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe (Courtesy)

But what is now making round among the jubilee supporters in the Rift is how Uhuru was portraying  Raila on negative perspective during the campaign period to convince the voters otherwise.

An ardent follow on the social media for instance has caused uproar by posting that Uhuru does not owe the Kalenjin Nation anything or referred as Kurudisha Mkono.

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He shared “In all his 2017 campaigns, Uhuru did not promise the Kalenjins anything. He only told us Raila is madman (Muguruki); we clapped and voted for him without second thought”.

President Uhuru and NASA Leader during the famous ‘handshake’ (Courtesy)

Following the statement Uasin-Gishu Governor Mandago has also been dragged in the mix since he was in the forefront leading 50 school buses fully packed with Uhuruto supporters all the way from Eldoret to attend the swearing at Kasarani Stadium.

This also comes after President Uhuru referred naysayers on developments and handshake as Washenzi but his remarks was instantly taken as an insult to leaders and Jubilee Supporters.

Motorcade belonging to Uasin-Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago leading convoy of 50 buses to Nairobi (Courtesy)

The first round of August 2017 PrisidePresi elections uguts el in August 2017 was nulligied in favour opposition Chief Raila Odinga who later opted of the second round citing unfair battle ground for the top seat.

President Uhuru and Raila have since united in what is famously known as handshake after the Country witnessed lengthy period of politicking, division along tribal lines, Products boycott threats and loss of lives.

Raila’s birthday in Mombasa on January 7, 2019

The duo have been going around the country in what they claim to be preaching peace but the move is seen to be a sneak preview of preparing Raila to take over the mantle.

Their unity has irked a number of legislators from both sides among them Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri who has claimed Uhuru and Raila and currently holed up in Mombasa discussing changes in the Cabinet in absence of Ruto.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngujiri donning ‘Ushenzi’ T-shirt after President Uhuru’s remarks telling off naysayers (Courtesy)

His stated ““President ndiye ametuweka kwa shida hii yote. He taught us the 2022 song. He showed us matusi on Raila. Ni yeye alileta Kimundu giki, Kimulevi giki na Muguruki Uyu names”

Adding that “Uhuru should be charged for incitement. If Uhuru is tired afanye elections again. Actually Kikuyus have suffered most during Uhuru time”


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