A Nairobi businesswoman has introduced sex enhancing medicine for women.

Esther Kamau, who also trades beauty products, says she ventured into making the aphrodisiac after realising that many of women in the city were using crude means to enhance their libido, including spending over Sh50,000 on surgeries so as to feel good.

“I make the product from Goron-tula tree which is rare in Kenya except for some parts of Meru. The seeds are boiled in low heat, then mixed with some spices to come up with the syrup,” she told local publication

The dealer says some of the benefits of the product include getting rid of strange smells, stimulation for women, cleansing the body system and other ailments that affect bedroom matters.

She said “Some of my customers have been confiding on how they were using some costly oils and injections to boost their libido in vain.”

The products that come in 250 and 120 millilitres retail at between Sh4,200 to Sh6,000 within the city.

“It is taken half an hour before sex. One tea spoonful prepares women who face challenges in bed such as lack of lubrication. The feedback is amazing so far,” she said.

The trader says she was also inspired by clients who were buying some of her beauty products and sharing some of their challenges, including the cost of regaining sexual prowess.

Kamau said, “It is different for women, and that is why our problems are easily solved. For instance, when we visit the gynecologist, we open up.”


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