The thug and his suspected accomplice after they were arrested today.

A man whose photograph showing gun tucked around his waist while collecting garbage has told the court that his ‘weapon’ was toy gun and he was just joking.

Alex Maina Kimani who was arrested alongside James Irungu Kirucha have now been charged with being in possession firearm imitation (toy gun) on the 15th February at kiwanjani area within Embakasi.

Their arrests came a day after members of public called for their arrest as the two were suspected to be criminals posing as garbage collectors.

Police stated that the two they were on their garbage collection mission when they collected a toy pistol that Kimani jokingly tacked it on his waist thus attracting members of public who shared the photo widely on social media.

The two pleaded guilty stating that they had no criminal intention but they were set free on personal bond of Sh200, 000 each. The matter will be heard on 4TH June.

Photo circulated by police of thug masquerading as garbage collector.


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