A youthful governor from the Rift valley is burning midnight oil mulling over the best way to dislodge himself from demanding slayqueen.

Nairobi Journal has learnt that the sexy woman who is police officer and leads lavish lifestyle has promised that she is out to milk the youthful man dry.

Two months ago, the County boss and the lady checked into a swanky guest house within for an act of rod where she tactfully recorded the bedroom marathon that she know keeps for ‘dry days’.

“Around that time, she leaked her conversation with county boss including the day the he responded to her that he longs to kiss and lick her body like honey”, our source revealed.

The governor’s response seen by Nairobi Journal reads in part “I miss that warm kiss and the touch of your soft lips on mine…I miss to suck your nunu…I miss and love you so much”

As popular Bible verse warns…”for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night”, nobody knows when the governor’s day of reckoning will come….

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