Peter Kenneth and Raila Odinga at Capitol Hill.

A day after NASA leader Raila Odinga promised that President Uhuru Kenyatta was would sort out fuel levy increase, he has pulled Mt Kenya leaders to bolster the move.

Today he hosted former Gatanga MP and presidential contender Peter Kenneth at his office in Capitol Hill to discuss among others the fuel issue that is raising tempers.

Government imposed a 16 percent increase on petroleum, consequently overburdening the average citizens struggling to make ends meet.

Raila and Kenneth paid attention to the rising cost of fuel and its projected spiral effect on other aspects of life.

Motorists have protested government’s fuel hike. [Courtesy]
Raila spokesperson Dennis Onyango in a statement indicated that Kenneth shared insights on what can be done to balance the need to raise money to run the country without raising the cost of fuel.

Government imposed a 16 percent increase on petroleum

Raila observed that there is legitimate concern that the rising cost of fuel will touch all other areas and could cause food inflation and demands for pay by workers, which will hurt employers.

“The challenge is to find ways of balancing between the need to raise money to run the country while protecting the vulnerable members of society. A way out has to be found,” Raila said.

They expressed support for the war to rid the country of corruption and the bid to unite Kenyans


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