Woman accused of Killing ‘Baba Junior’ ‘blames’ kitchen knife

Baba Junior and Grace Kananu (Courtesy)

Grace Kananu, the woman who was accused of killing ‘Vihoja Mahakamani’ actor Jamal Gadhafi has said that the man fell accidentally fell on a kitchen knife.

Jamal who acts as the ‘Judge’ and also known as Baba Junior in another program of KTN died on December 11, 2018.

It is claimed that Grace picked a kitchen knife with her 40-year-old hand and stabbed the 39-year-old actor who plays drama series, Junior.

Bur when she was arraigned in court yesterday, Grace she told she claimed it was knife that killed the actor because he fell on it.

The matter had earlier been deferred for Grace to undergo sanity tests to find out if she is fir to stand trial.

She has since denied killing the actor at Arks hotel in Mlolongo, Machakos following a bitter quarrel.


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