June Wanza Mulupi could be alive today had she not decided to undergo breast firming and enlargement surgery.

The mother of three was welcomed into Surgeon Healthcare Limited Nairobi in June last year, for the surgery with confident doctors assuring her of wonderful results.

Wanza did not however survive to see her firm big breasts, after the doctors pricked her intestines exposing waste that led to blood infection in what is referred to as sepsis.

It is for this reason that she developed complications that killed her two days later, leaving behind a troubled husband and their three children.

The lengthy probe into her death has now pointed out that doctors who did the surgery were not qualified to do plastic surgery.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) found that one of the surgeons was still a trainee and was not licensed to conduct surgery without the supervision of a practicing plastic surgeon.

It has been further established that one of the doctors had no professional indemnity insurance as required by law.


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