Uchawi?; 17 snakes killed, 71 eggs discovered resting on woman’s pantie


Some residents of Bomet County are still reeling from the shock after a family discovered that they have been living with tens of snakes in the same compound.

Knot of snakes (Courtesy)

The bizarre discovery occurred at sleepy Masare village last week attracting hundreds of villagers who thronged the home to kill the reptiles.

“We were awoken by shouts from a visitor who had spent night at the home claiming to have spotted around ten snakes dashing into a hole behind the house” one of the resident James Tanui told Nairobi journal.

Dead cow

He added “when we arrived it was true and we managed to kill ten snakes of the same green colour and set them ablaze as norm”

Later on in the evening hours it is reported that seven more snakes sneaked into the same compound but the swift residents managed to kill them and decided to check the hole only to discover the eggs.

Worn out innerwear

“We discovered 71 eggs that had been placed on woman’s underwear where the snakes were living, we also set them on fire, this is real witchcraft that the villagers have witnessed.

“Seventeen green snakes killed and 71 eggs lying on a woman’s inner-wear discovered”

Pointing out, “For years now the land where the hole lies has never produced anything, pregnant cows in this family have been dying mysteriously, we believe this discovery has ended the harms”


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