Matatus plying Ngong town and the city centre under NTVRS sacco could soon lose customers if threats by daily commuters over exorbitant fares is anything to go by.

For some time now some matatus under the sacco have been charging up to Sh150 from the city centre all the way to Ngong while other saccos charge between Sh70 and Sh100.

Residents claim some of the rogue crew trick them to board the matatus dubbed as Nganyas along Moi Avenue asking the normal fares  then change on the way demanding additional Sh40 or Sh20 more.

Yesterday an irritated passenger posted on Facebook “ Who else thinks NTVRS is ruining the 111 route? I honestly don’t understand how we are forced to pay Ksh 20 for old un-roadworthy vehicles like the one attached”

Going ahead “Despite carrying excess passengers from Ole Sereni and breaking down twice where we were forced out ndio wasukume, we were dumped near vet with no refund. The management should at least consider reducing the fare back to Ksh 100 and deal with rogue drivers’ n makangas”

A victim who was almost subjected to beating by driver and conductor for stating that the matatu he had boarded was too noisy said he has already reported the matter to authorities and optimistic and stern action will be taken soon.

“In fact the conductor pushed me down around Prestige for asking the volume be reduced seeing as the vehicle was too noisy, we call upon the National Transport and Safety Authority to swing in action, they should regulate the fares and weed out rogue matatu crews in the sacco, it’s getting out of hand” he said.

The route has other  saccos including NMOA, Luminous, Astrabel and other upcoming groups that are yet t gain fame and charged between Sh50 and Sh70 depending on the time of the day.


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